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Founded way back in 2008, is locally owned and licensed operated business in Edmonton, Alberta, ALBATEC has always been a true pioneer when it comes to IT consulting and services.

Over the years we’ve consulted thousands of small, mid-sized and big companies, all across Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray. Because of such a long experience in the field, we consider ourselves to be among the best companies in the industry.
Our business is aimed at providing IT and Computer Services for small to medium businesses and residential homes at low cost. As a family based business it means you deal directly with the people that run the business.

Our goal is to provide you excellent customer service and satisfaction. Your feedback is always welcomed as we believe in improving our business practices that will serve you better.

You probably are asking yourself why chose ALBATEC? First, unlike many other service providers, we do not mark-up computer parts. You pay exactly what we pay because our philosophy is that we are not retailers but service providers.

Further, some may advertise lower rates than us but the fact is they charge you more hours that will go beyond a reasonable time-frame required for a specific job. We save you money by providing money saving solutions such as automated on-site or off-site backups instead of paying a technician to do backups every time. We have well qualified technicians such as Computer and Software Engineers and not just another computer geek at your home or office. We know our stuff.

We are the best in:

We are passionate about delivering the best reliability in, Wireless Network Systems so you can be as mobile and portable and yet secure.
We are passionate about delivering the best quality Computer, Network and Systems support that we can.
We work closely with you to understand your goals and aims, and then develop a new business plan

Meet the Team

With dozens of highly experienced professionals manning our team, we are convinced that there is virtually no other company as experienced and well-prepared to do any job than ours.

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Work Principles

Integrity of our work ethics and principles have always been the lynchpins of our success.

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