Cloud Setup

As businesses grow in size and complexity, the ability to keep all your information centralised whilst maintaining ease of accessibility for your employees, across offices or even countries, becomes increasingly important.

Switching to a cloud-based service, like Office365, allows you to solve the management challenges faced by small and medium businesses, from CRM to accounting, streamlining your online processes and allowing for maximum capabilities.

Why Office365?

Office365 is cloud subscription software package from Microsoft. IT incorporates the Office Desktop package with Online Cloud providing total package from Office, Home and Remote.

Why Should You Migrate to Office 365?

  • Access your suite of office tools anywhere and at anytime
  • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients
  • Easy to use, these are the tools that you’re already familiar with
  • Email, collaboration, and online meeting tools
  • Safety and security of Microsoft’s data centres
  • No advanced It knowledge necessary
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly subscription offers ultimate flexibility

Now we explain why should an office invest on an On-Premise Standard Exchange Server and File Server?

  • Monthly costs can be expensive for smaller organizations needing files remotely and needing large amounts of emails.
  • Not requiring all the cloud capabilities
  • Concerned about file security or what government agency is reading your data