Remote Support

Remote Support

Does your company require remote assistance with IT related issues?

Using remote support we can start fixing your IT issues instantly. As soon as you download and run our remote support program, we can connect – and see what you see on your PC screen.

In many cases we can completely diagnose and fully repair your software problems and network problems via remote support, which will save time – we will not need to travel out to you. It will also save you money – we don’t charge a call-out fee for remote support. You only pay for the time needed for the work to be completed.

What IT problems can you fix by remote access?

  • Removing viruses
  • Creating new email accounts
  • Removing unused software
  • Completing computer software and hardware audits
  • Configuring wireless networks (changing an SSID or wireless key)
  • Configuring VPNs and Remote Access
  • Running data backups, like Outlook backup of your emails

As well as being both cost and time efficient, remote support is also user friendly and can be setup on your computer within seconds. So for expert technical support at any time follow the steps given by technician to download this beneficial support solution.